Terms and Conditions


Please see these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy for e-commerce.

We inform you that the purchase of the product on the website www.alutecnos.com, implies acceptance and full knowledge of these General Conditions.


  1. Definitions

Products: fishing reels, rods and components of fishing rods, pliers, covers and bags, belts and jackets, fighting chairs, lines and other items manufactured or branded Alutecnos S.r.l.;

Customer: the subject who buys in the website www.alutecnos.it;

Alutecnos: the company Alutecnos S.r.l. (VAT: 02506070289) with headquarters in via Umbria n. 20, (35043) Monselice (Padua);

Parties: Alutecnos and the user;

Contract: the contract of sale concluded at a distance;

General Conditions: the present general conditions of purchase;

Account: is the page/space of each Customer who has registered at www.alutecnos.com;

Username: is the name with which the Customer is recognized by the website www.alutecnos.it;

Password: the 12-character alphanumeric code needed to access your account;

Cart: virtual cart in which the user, through point and click, inserts the products he intends to buy;

Billing details module: the format in which the Customer must enter their data so that Alutecnos can issue a regular invoice;

Shipping form: the format in which the Customer must enter all the data for shipment;

Withdrawal form: the document that must be completed and transmitted by the Customer to Alutecnos to exercise the right of withdrawal.


  1. Subject

These General Conditions govern the purchase by the Customer of one or more Products on the website www.alutecnos.com


  1. Information to the Customer

3.1 Pursuant to art. 7 D.lgs. 70/2003, the following information is provided below.

3.2 The identity, registered office and contact details of the entity managing the sale are:
Alutecnos S.r.l., P.IVA 02506070289, with registered office in via Umbria 20, (35043) Monselice (Padua), capital soc. Euro 90.000,00.

3.3 In addition to the above mandatory information, it is indicated below, pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 70/2003 that:
a) the identification data of Alutecnos are as follows: Alutecnos S.r.l., VAT 02506070289, with registered office in via Umbria 20, (35043) Monselice (Padua), capital soc. Euro 90.000,00, telephone number 0429.783355, e-mail address info@alutecnos.it, certified e-mail (PEC): postacertificat@pec.alutecnos.com, fax number 0429.75380,
b) the registration number for the business register is REA PD-235227.

3.4 The registered office and the contact details indicated in the previous paragraph are taken as the address where the Customer can send complaints.

  1. Purchase procedure

4.1 The Customer who wants to make a purchase on the website www.alutecnos.com must connect, through a computer or other device, to an internet network and access the address www. alutecnos.it.

The Customer can purchase the Products in e-commerce with the following methods:
a) with its own Account, by registering for the site, entering the required data;
b) without registering on the site.

In any case, the purchase procedure is as described below.

4.2 The Customer by clicking on the “enter” button, or through the side drop-down menu in the “products” section, connects to e-commerce.

4.3 The Customer must select the type of Product that he intends to buy: reels, fishing rods, reed components, pliers, wires, covers and bags, belts and jackets, figthing chairs or other products branded Alutecnos.

4.4.The Customer selecting the single Product displays the price, the colors available, any model variants, the description of the characteristics and technical data of the Product.

4.5 The Customer, to proceed with the order, chooses the color among those indicated, the quantity and, where required, the model variant, the type and click “Add to cart”. The lack of such indications makes it impossible to add the Products to the cart.

4.6 The addition of the Product in the shopping cart does not imply the conclusion of the sales contract.

4.7 The Customer finds in the shopping cart all the Products that he intends to buy with the indication: the model, the color, any variants chosen, the price of each Product and the total due excluding shipping costs. The Customer from the cart has the possibility to deselect the Products that he does not intend to buy or modify the quantity. The change of the cart must be confirmed by the Customer by clicking on the “Update Cart” button.

4.8 The Customer, in order to make the purchase, must click on the “Conclude Order” button and proceed to the completion of the Form relating to the billing data. The Customer undertakes to complete correctly this Form indicating: name, surname, tax code, state, street and number, city, province, postal code, telephone, e-mail address. If the Customer wishes to receive the Product at a different address, he must tick the appropriate box “Send to a different address” and proceed to the correct completion of the Shipping Form by entering the required information. Failure to complete even one of the requested information makes it impossible for the user to transmit the order to Alutecnos. It is understood that, failure to indicate a different shipping address implies that the Product will be delivered to the billing address. The Customer, in case of special requests on the delivery, can fill in the part of “Notes on the order”.

4.9 Upon completion of the above forms, the Customer, in the left column called “Your order”, can view the shipping costs and the total due.

4.10. If the Customer decides to proceed with the purchase, he shall take note of the reading of the privacy policy and the relative approval of these General Conditions by ticking the box.

4.11 The Customer concludes the contract by point and click on the “Place the Order” button.

4.12 Upon confirmation of the order, Alutecnos sends to the Customer, by e-mail address as indicated in the billing details form, the order summary enclosing these general conditions and indicating the characteristics of the Product, the price, payment methods and payment times. This communication is made pursuant to art. 13 D.Lgs. 70/2007.

4.13 Alutecnos, after having received the full payment of the price by the Customer, shall forward the same Order Confirmation e-mail.

4.14 Alutecnos, pursuant to art. 12 of D.lgs. 70/2003, which requires each supplier of goods and/or services to provide consumers with specific information for the conclusion of the distance contract, complies with the related information obligations as set out below.

4.15 The technical steps for the purchase of Alutecnos Products are:

1) Access to e-commerce;
2) selection of the Product, choice of color and possible variants of the model;
3) adding the Product to the cart;
4) billing details and sedition address;
5) summary of the order and indication of shipping costs;
6) execution of the order;
7) mail summary of the order and indication of the payment methods;
8) payment by the Customer;
9) verification of payment by Alutecnos and acceptance of the order;
10) order confirmation email;
11) shipment of the Product and its invoice.

4.16 With reference to the technical means made available to the Customer to identify and correct errors in entering data before confirming the order, the system automatically reports any errors resulting from the failure to provide mandatory data in the order fields.

4.17 With reference to the languages to conclude this contract, please refer to art.16.

4.18 With regard to the indication of dispute settlement instruments, see Art. 15 below.

4.19 These General Conditions are and remain available to the user: storage and reproduction are always possible by saving the web page or by using the copy/paste option. In addition, the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase are attached to the order summary by e-mail, or the link to display and print them is made available to the Customer.


  1. Creation of the Account

5.1 The Customer may proceed with the creation of his Account by clicking on the ‘icon at the top right of the home page. To register, the Customer must enter their e-mail address and click the “Register” button.

5.2 Following point and click on “Register”, the system automatically creates an e-mail with the user name and password.

5.3 The Customer may access his account by clicking on the icon at the top right of the homepage, entering his username and password.

5.4 The Customer, in his Account, can view the orders made in the previous 2 years , only if the purchase was made after the access; manage the billing and shipping addresses; change the password and all the details of the Account.

5.5 Entering your billing and shipping data in the “Addresses” section involves the automatic filling of the billing data form and the shipping form at the time of the order conclusion. The Customer may modify the Addresses by clicking on “edit”.

5.6 The Customer at the “Orders” section of his Account may view the order number, the date on which it was executed, the summary, the billing and shipping address, the current status of the order.

5.7 For the purchase procedure please refer to the provisions of art.4.

5.8 The Customer may delete his Account at any time by sending an email to info@alutecnos.it. that will remove the Account within the next 48 hours.


  1. Prices

6.1 The price of the Product is that indicated from time to time by Alutecnos and present on the website, except where there is a manifest error.

6.2 The prices on the website include VAT (if provided according to the country of the  destination of the goods), but exclude shipping costs that are added to the total amount to be paid.

6.3 Shipping costs are calculated after the Customer has filled in the Billing Data Form and possibly the Shipping Form. Shipping costs are calculated according to the type of product purchased and the place of delivery.

6.4 The Customer shall have evidence of the costs of the shipment before the conclusion of the sales contract.

6.5 If Alutecnos, due to a material error, indicates in the e-commerce a different price, than the actual price of the Product, it will promptly notify the Customer by e-mail. The Customer can freely decide whether to confirm the order or cancel it.

6.6 In the event that the amount indicated by Alutecnos is higher than the price of the Product and the Customer has already paid, Alutecnos will pay within 5 (five) working days to the same, in case of confirmation of the order, the excess amount, or, in case of cancellation of the order, the full amount, by bank transfer.

6.7 In the event that the price indicated by Alutecnos is lower than the price of the Product and the Customer has already paid the lowest price, the Customer, in order to reconfirm the order, must pay within 5 (five) working days from the notification of the correct price the excess amount. Alutecnos has no obligation to supply the Product at the lower price wrongly indicated. In case of non-payment within this period the order is considered revoked. Therefore, Alutecnos will refund the amount already paid by bank transfer within the following 5 (five) working days.

6.8 The prices shown on the website may change at any time. These changes do not apply to orders already placed.


  1. Payment

7.1 Payment of the price must be made by bank transfer or PayPal to the coordinates indicated in the order summary e-mail within 5 working days.

7.2 Failure to pay within the above mentioned period shall be considered as withdrawal from the contract of sale.

7.3 Following full collection of the price paid by the Customer, Alutecnos will send an e-mail to the Customer with the order confirmation.


  1. Shipment

8.1 Alutecnos, once the Product has been manufactured, shall send an e-mail to the Customer informing him that the Product has been shipped.

8.2 The product will be shipped within 15 days of the order confirmation email, except in exceptional circumstances. This term is indicative and does not constitute an essential term pursuant to art. 1457 of the Civil Code. If Alutecnos fails to comply with this deadline, it will promptly contact the Customer by e-mail informing him of the alleged shipping date.

8.3 After the shipment, the Customer will receive an e-mail containing the tracking number and the presumed delivery date. The Product will be delivered to the shipping address specified by the Customer.

8.4 Any delay relating to the delivery of the Product is exclusively attributable to the shipper. Any delay in shipping will not result in the cancellation of the order.

8.5 The Customer may not refuse delivery of the Product. Stocks and returns will be charged to the Customer.

8.6 Alutecnos shall not be held responsible for delays or non-delivery of the Products due to circumstances beyond its control, such as, but not limited to:

  1. a) difficulties in obtaining supplies of raw materials;
    b) production or order planning issues;
    c) partial or total strikes, lack of electricity, natural disasters, measures imposed by public authorities, difficulties in transport, force majeure, riots, terrorist attacks and all other causes of force majeure;
    d) delays by the shipper.

8.7. The occurrence of the events listed above will not entitle the Customer to claim compensation for any damage or compensation of any kind, except in the case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence of Alutecnos.


  1. Customs

9.1 If the Products are shipped outside European Community, the Customer may be subject to import duties and taxes payable when the Product reaches the specified destination.

9.2 Alutecnos specifies that any additional cost of customs clearance will be borne by the Customer. For Alutecnos it is not possible to predict the amount of these costs because customs policies vary from country to country. For more information on customs costs, please contact your local customs office.

9.3 Please note that the Customer is considered “importer” when making the purchase, therefore it is required to comply with the legislation and regulations of the country of destination of the Product.


  1. Legal Warranty

10.1 If the Customer purchases as a consumer, it benefits from the Legal Guarantee of conformity to which the seller is legally bound on each good sold, pursuant to art. 132 Consumer Code.

10.2 The legal warranty covers the failure of the Product, resulting from any manufacturing defects attributable to the manufacturer. Damages caused by improper use, transport and accidental (falls, impacts, etc.) are excluded.

10.3 The legal warranty shall lapse if the Product is tampered with or there are signs of repair by unauthorized personnel.

10.4 The legal guarantee implies the right for the Customer to repair or replace the Product at no additional cost.

10.5 The Product is guaranteed EXW, therefore the shipping and return costs are borne by the Customer.

10.6 The warranty lasts for 2 years from the date of delivery of the Product. However, the Customer has the responsibility to report the lack of conformity within 2 months from the discovery.

10.7 In order for the guarantee to be valid, the Customer is required to keep the guarantee card included to the product, complete with shop stamp and date of purchase for a period if 2 years as expected from the Consumer

10.8 If the Customer finds a lack of conformity on the Product, during the period of validity of the legal guarantee, please contact Alutecnos at info@alutecnos.it in order to obtain assistance.


  1. Colours of Products

11.1 Alutecnos will not be held responsible in case of minor differences between the Products purchased and their illustrative images.

11.2 The real colors of the products may vary from what is shown on the screen because of the type of support from which the Customer views the site.

11.3 There may be different shades between products of the same colour because the colour is the result of an anodizing process which, being a galvanic process, is influenced by various factors such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, different shades of color are intrinsic to the process itself and are not considered defects.


  1. Right of withdrawal (download the form here)

12.1 The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 days without obligation of motivation.

12.2 The mentioned period starts from the day on which the Customer or a third party other than the carrier and designated by the Customer acquires possession of the Product.

12.3 The Customer must inform Alutecnos to exercise this right by filling in the appropriate form at the bottom of these General Conditions. Such notification must be sent before the expiry of the withdrawal period. Alutecnos, upon receipt of the Form by the Customer, will confirm by e-mail the receipt of the same and indicate how to return the Product.

12.4 The Customer undertakes to return the Product no later than 14 days from the date on which he sent the withdrawal form to Alutecnos.

12.5 The costs for returning the goods are paid by the customer by the Customer.

12.6 The Product must be returned intact, with its own box and warranty certificate. If the Product shows signs of use, the Customer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the Product.

12.7 Upon receipt of the Product, Alutecnos, within 14 days, will refund the Customer the price paid by bank transfer or PayPal. Alutecnos reserves the right to withhold the sum attributable to the decrease in the value of the Product if it presents signs of use or tampering.


  1. Null and void clauses

If one or more clauses of these General Conditions are declared null and void or ineffective by the competent judicial authority, the remaining part of the General Conditions will continue to be effective between the Parties, unless the clauses declared null or ineffective include the one constituting a decisive reason for the conclusion of these General Conditions.


  1. Applicable Law

14.1 These General Conditions are governed by Italian Law.

14.2 For what is not expressly provided here, the legal rules applicable to the relations and to the cases provided for in this contract apply, and in particular Article 5 of the 1980 Rome Convention.

  1. Place of jurisdiction

15.1 In the event of disputes and disputes relating to these General Conditions and the contract of sale, the Parties agree to arrive at a solution within 20 days of the first complaint sent by registered letter A/R or certified e-mail.

15.2 If the Customer is resident or domiciled in a member state of the European Union, the Parties agree to use the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) procedure.

15.3 The ADR procedure shall be initiated via the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) online platform prepared by the European Commission and accessible via the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfmːeventmain.2.show&lng=IT

15.4 If it is not possible to reach a good-natured solution, or if the Customer is not resident or domiciled in a member state of the European Union, for any dispute relating to these General Terms and Conditions and the contract of sale, the Court of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer shall have jurisdiction. This clause shall in no way affect the rights that the law grants to the consumer.


  1. Language of the General Conditions

These general conditions are also written in English. In case of disputes concerning their content, the Italian version will prevail.