Payment methods accepted by Alutecnos are TT bank transfer and PayPal.



After you have proceeded with the checkout, you will receive a summary email in which we will indicate the IBAN to which to make the payment.

WARNING! If we do not receive payment within 5 days of receiving the summary email, your order will be canceled.



You can pay directly from your PayPal account or with your credit card.

Alutecnos guarantees the shipment in a maximum of 15 days from the moment of receipt of the TT wire transfer. If you have ordered a custom product, the time needed to make the assembly and shipment can increase.

WARNING: times just mentioned may vary depending on the production loads.

The cost of shipping may vary based on the weight and volume of the product. The exact shipping cost will be calculated and added directly to the checkout when you enter the destination Country.

To ensure optimal service, Alutecnos does not provide direct sales to customers living in the Americas. That’s why we rely on our warehouse Pandora Holding, which you can contact at sales@bluefinusa.com

The shipping for a custom reel requires more time than a standard reel, as it must be assembled according to your requirements. Our staff will contact you after you have sent the request form and will inform you about the necessary timing that may vary depending on the period in which you made the order.

Absolutely not! To give colour to the product, we use the anodizing process. Thus, being a galvanic treatment, is influenced by various factors such as temperature and humidity. Therefore different shades of color are intrinsic to the process itself and considered normal.

WARNING: The colours on this site are purely indicative.

Go to Services -> Customization, you can fill out the form where you can choose the colors of your reel.

WARNING:when you send the personalization form you are making a request.We ask you to wait for our staff to contact you within two working days to confirm the order.

No, the custom reel has the same cost as a standard reel.

Sure! Both reel seats and the rod butts can be ordered with custom colors, specifically: 1 color for the butt or reel seat and 1 color for the rings (choice among those available in the range). From the photogallery in the related product sheets you can see what are thealternatives to standard colors and choose the one you prefer.

For this reason, when you order a personalized reel seat or a rod butt, we ask you to specify in the notes on the order the color of the stem and the color of the rings.

Alutecnos provides a standard series color for each product:

• Silver for Gorilla reels, Albacore Veloce and Gorilla rods

• Gold for Albacore reels, stand-up and trolling rods, belts and reeds components.

This is why, if you have not selected the color before adding the product to the cart, our systems add to the order the color of the series expected.

Before sending your reel to our headquarter fill the maintenance form at the Services section, enter all your details and fill in the message box as indicated. After submitting the form, please wait for our staff to contact you before proceeding to shipment, so we will provide you with all the necessary information and timing.

Alutecnos products are covered by a legal guarantee, valid for two years from the time the product is purchased. To validate the certificate, proceed to complete it in all its parts and return it to our office, within a maximum of 15 days from delivery of the product. In case of delay, the guarantee will not be valid.

ATTENTION: the guarantee is applied unless tampered with by unauthorized persons.

If you need a spare part you only have to find out the identification number on the maintenance manual of your product, contact us and ask for the color you prefer, then our Staff will make a quotation on the spare parts chosen.

You can find our products manuals in the Download section.

Not yet. In fact, to avoid that it spins around on the spool (giving the impression that there is a malfunction of the drag disc), check that you have done one of the following tasks:

  • start the filling with 20/30 meters of thin nylon, and only after this operation insert the braided line;


  • after the first 3 rounds of braided line, stop it on the spool with cloth tape or with a good adhesive tape.

If you don’t have any news about the reel you sent us it means that we can’t trace the owner because you did not enter your contact details in the box of your reel.

So we ask you to contact us to inform us of your details.

If you have not solved the problem related to your reel, probably our technicians have not received any indication of the type of maintenance to be done. As in practice, in these cases we proceed with an ordinary maintenance.
For this reason we recommend you to fill out the form in the Maintenance section describing in more details the problem that needs to be solved.

You can find your reel badge number engraved with laser computer graphics on the right side plate.
Example of reel badge numbers:

The standard reel is always produced in the right version because the left version has a very minor demand among our customers. So to create it we need to perform different processes that go outside the normal production process.

The line capacity of our reels are tested by filling directly each reel. The values you can see on each product sheet refer to the Alutecnos wires (Orange and 8X Braided Line) available for the Wire section.

Alutecnos is very selective in sponsorships, in fact we prefer historical collaborations that we have been carrying out for some time.

Despite this, we want to give ample space to our customers on our social media, this is why:

– We constantly monitor Instagram to give space and visibility to people who tag us using the hashtag #alutecnos.

– We ask our loyal customers to send us by private message on Facebook or by mail their photos with our products, so that we can share them on our page giving the credit to the person who sends it.

To delete your profile, send an email to info@alutecnos.it. We will cancel you within 2 business days.