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These rollers are truly innovative thanks to the instant ease with which they can be removed and that has made them famous throughout the world. Scupulously checked under strict and exhaustive testing, these rollers guarantee a high reliability coefficient even under the most extreme and adverse conditions. Our rollers are also distinguished by their high degree of precision, the special care dedicated during the cnc mechanical working, the high quality of the materials used, and the perfection in even the finest details, but particularly by the possibility to disassemble them immediately from the support foot, which remains fixed to the rod, by simply loosening the two screws on the sides whenever necessary for replacement or routine maintenance at the end of the season. Our rollers are protected by international patent and available in two size: 20/50 lbs (for rods 20/50-30/50-50/80 and 30 or 50 lbs) and 80/130 & 130 lbs, come in 6 different colours and they also offer the possibility of having 27 different combination of pipe sizes for roller tops depending on the blank used.

  • Self lubricating bearing in bronzo/Teflon®
  • Parts in Anticorodal 6082 aluminum
  • Wheel in Aisi 316 stainless steel
  • Side support caps in pom
  • Support feet in high-plasticity aluminum alloy
  • Fixing elements in Aisi stainless steel
  • Parts are CNC machined from bar
  • Laser-printed graphics
  • Instant removability from the support foot
  • Combinable with 27 different pipe sizes for roller tops

Technical data:
Products available for 12/20 class:

RRT0200A  | 1 Roller top type 1

Products available for 30/50 class:

RRR0200A  |  Set: 1 double roller + 4 intermediate roller + 1 top
RRD0200A  |  1 Double roller
RRM0200A  |  1 Intermediate roller
RRT0500A  |  1 Roller top type 2

Products available for 80/130 class:

RRR0800A  | Set: 1 double roller + 4 intermediate rollers + 1 top
RRD0800A  |  1 Double roller
RRM0800A  |  1 Intermediate roller
RRT0800A  |  1 Roller top type 3